Arts & Crafts Reinvented

Community Dining Island with Anglo-Japanese Origins

Design Problem:

Repurpose an existing family room into a community meeting/dining space featuring a custom furniture quality island that seats twelve, with an aesthetic that compliments an Arts and Crafts kitchen, provides storage for seasonal serving pieces, small appliances and folding chairs, and transitions from a meeting to a dining island seamlessly.

Design Solution:

Tantamount to the island’s function was infusing the Arts and Crafts origins in Anglo-Japanese furniture, which was created for storage. The new island design provides multiple extra deep drawers. Each drawer hosts two dining place settings and linens, and varying storage spaces to address the client’s needs. The medley of materials (i.e. sustainable stranded bamboo countertop, repurposed iron insets, and decorative painterly finishes) compliments the island’s design. Essentially, a group can transition from meeting to dinner seamlessly while providing storage for papers, books and pens during the dinner phase.