Eclectic Modern Beach House

Modern Seaside Kitchen Masterpiece

The cabinetry was selected but the materials for the backsplash, countertop and curved wall were yet to be determined, not to mention the kitchen bar and pantry. Weaving a masterpiece of textural materials with muted tones reflective of the external environment influenced the kitchen design. The countertops are polished concrete with crushed seashells to compliment a stone mosaic backsplash. The curved clad wall adorned with glass mosaic creates an artistic focal point to the kitchen that leads you toward the stranded bamboo pantry. All the appliances are state of the art and the kitchen is energy efficient with low voltage lighting.

Crushed glass floats throughout the glass bar with a decorative metal façade offset by a mahogany reveal that juxtaposes the concrete fireplace banding across from the bar. A modern seaside kitchen masterpiece was revealed by incorporating unexpected materials to create a functioning work of art.