Pastoral Guest Bathroom

Pastoral Leanings Yet Posh


Resurrect a red oak cladded guest bath from excessive use of 4”x4” black tiles, dark teal walls and dated fixtures and design a bath that compliments the outdoor countryside and ranch house styling.


Bolster the welcoming of guests with a renovation of space that marries the qualities of the most current fixtures, fittings and finishes that are low maintenance. Create an open space through pastoral colorways and textures, and offers top drawer amenities of a large luxurious shower and vanity (niches, towel warmer, and 5 star quality LED makeup mirror).  Soft, smooth, warm tones reminiscent of sand drifts grace the countertop. Run you hand across the glass mosaic decorative accent as you wash away the dust of the day.  Natural light from the shower’s window resonates with the warmth within the guest bath. Close your eyes and meditate on the subtleness of this room’s posh pastoral leanings.