Silicon Valley Meets 18th Century

Yankee Sensibilities Meets Silicon Valley Technology

Evoking the aesthetic of a gentleman’s library/office with hardworking wireless technology and teleconferencing was tantamount to support an international clientele. The scope was concise, utilize the client’s existing antique desk for inspiration and include cherry millwork, lighting, provide a media cabinet, renovate the fireplace, convert existing closet to a server/copier room, include a bay window and window coverings.

The designer’s vision to open the room architecturally by penetrating the ceiling was implemented by the project’s architect and engineer who provided structural, code and load bearing requirements for the space. A wood cladded coved soffit dotted with led recessed and cove lighting, punctuated with a modified gable ceiling, and a reproduction pendant added authenticity. Books are stored prominently on shelving, a credenza manages tech gadgets with ample storage, a new fireplace /façade/mantle and media cabinet completes the room. The library/office is cutting edge yet gentile.